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Message to GMJ:
From 6 year old Quan

"All I want for Christmas is to get you out right now..."


Organizations Unite to Free Wrongfully Convicted Brionna Taylor Activist, John Johnson (aka GMJ)

...National Action Network, Louisville Kentucky State Chapter, BBHC, (Bring Him Home Campaign), the Voice of Louisville, Association of Bishops And Clergy...


International Nights Of Prayer

National Night of Prayer for Our Beloved Supreme Commander  John Fitzgerald Johnson aka Grand Master Jay. The Time has come for US as a people to Unite and Exercise Our Power of Prayer To The One True Divine Supreme, The Creator of All ...


Grand Master Jay's Official Statement to the Judge in Court, Just Before Sentencing - Released

Grand Master Jay has issued a statement that addresses the court that sentenced him to 7 years in prison...


Operation Bring Him Home

It’s time to bring our brother, teacher, and leader home from the prison of man. A prison he was placed in for simply standing up for and loving...


The GMJ Legal Defense Fund

Your continued support is greatly needed 18 months later to help us defeat this blatant racist attack on Americans exercising their 1st and 2nd Amendment rights. John Fitzgerald Johnson aka The Grand Master Jay still targeted by the US ...

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