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IT'S TIME TO take your cameras out, upload your photos via the and send them to Grand Master Jay Share your life in color.


Download the FREEPRINTS APP on your android or iPhone today!

Send him pictures

Drop him a post card!

Write him a letter!


1. To Write and Send your typed or hand written Words of Encouragement, Support and Prayers to Our Brother who is in need of hearing from you! 


(Remember No Phone calls Allowed)


Send your letters and appropriate pictures to:

John F Johnson #20257509

FCI Ashland

Federal Correctional Institution

P.O. Box 6001

Ashland, KY 41105


2. Continue to Support his Dual Legal Defense Fund as we embark upon this new journey with The Appeals 6th Circuit Court and Continue to Fight for his deliverance from the Kentucky State Court in the near FUTURE!


3. Join the study with Grand Master Jay by reading Amos N. Wilson's– Blueprint for Black Power: A Moral, Political, and Economic Imperative for the Twenty-First Century


He is so looking forward to hearing from you all and responding to each one of you in person. 


His Direct Message To US ALL,


4. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ask the parents to encourage the Children to Write to me! Their precious letters make his entire experience behind the walls well worth it, it's because of them and their acknowledgement of him that he gains inspiration.


5. Continue to send your Letters, typed letters are much easier for him to read than handwritten letters as they are all scanned and sent to his personal device. He is not receiving any letters directly. Also, letters and cards sent that contain glitter are immediately disposed of as they can not be processed through the scanner. 


6. Photos can now be sent to him directly with up to 25 physical copies that he will receive in hand if they are printed through online ( and mailed to him including his Name, Inmate Number, Address


7. Money orders are being returned if they are not U.S. Money Orders. Only U.S. Money orders ALLOWED at the new facility all others will be discarded of or returned.


8. Remember at this time, he is financially Leaning and Depending on the US to support his Commissary for the duration of time he is incarcerated. 


In closing, Grand Master Jay sends his love and devotion to everyone who is continuously sending your prayers, letters, photos, and commissary in support of him.


He wants us to remind everyone that The Clock Is Still Running! 


"I expect to return to you ALL much sooner than you think!" - Grand Master Jay

In the powerful words of Grand Master Jay,





Call to Action: National Action Network, Louisville Kentucky State Chapter, BBHC, (Bring Him Home Campaign), the Voice of Louisville, Association of Bishops And Clergy and Citizens of Louisville, Kentucky and the Commonwealth of Kentucky stand in solidarity that John Fitzgerald Johnson aka Grand Master Jay has been unjustly charged and convicted in Federal Court and unjustly charged in Kentucky State Court and is being held as a Political Prisoner by The U.S. Government in the Oldham County Detention Center since May 27 2022, facing 27 years in Federal prison for standing up for the brutal killing of Breonna Taylor on March 13, 2020 by the corrupt arrested LMPD Officers. We believe the LMPD conspired to arrest Johnson for exposing the since confirmed conspiracy to cover up Ms. Taylor's killing and that his Federal trial was conducted quietly to prevent public outrage over this modern day lynching.

Louisville KY… Association of Bishops And Clergy, Community leaders, Coalition of Concerned African Americans & grassroot activists organizations are holding a Press Conference to call for John Fitzgerald Johnson’s immediate release from the Oldham County Jail in Oldham County, Kentucky. He has been held there since May 27, 2022 as a political prisoner of the United States Government. We the people are asking that his conviction be overturned in the Federal courts and that he be completely exonerated in the State Courts in conjunction with infringements of his 1st, 2nd, 4th and 6th Amendment rights. On

August 22nd, 2022, Johnson is scheduled to be sentenced in Kentucky US District Court.


Press Conference with local, state and national Leaders


Thursday, August 11th


Louisville Free Downtown Public Library,

Community Room, Second Floor

Media Contact

Kathleen Parks

President, and Director of Crisis, NAN Louisville, Kentucky State Chapter

Cell: 470-362-0317

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